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Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer George Heym
 The Law Offices of Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer George A. Heym are located in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to defense of Pittsburgh Drunk Driving charges, Attorney Heym also defends Allegheny County DUI, Beaver County DUI, Butler County DUI, Westmoreland County DUI and Washington County Pennsylvania DUI. Pittsburgh DUI Attorney George Heym always offers a FREE DUI CONSULTATION on all Driving Under the Influence cases. If you are facing a DUI charge contact Attorney George Heym immediately so that he can guide you through the criminal justice system to the outcome that you want. Call or text me 24/7 on my cell phone at
Some DUI Attorneys will just tell their clients what to do without regard to the client’s actual needs. Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer George Heym does not practice this way. During your Free DUI Consultation Attorney Heym will determine what Your goals are for the DUI case Your needs are in how any sentence might affect your life Your fears are regarding the DUI charges Pittsburgh DUI Attorney Heym believes that his job as a DUI Defense Attorney is to determine what your needs and wants are and  then to make those things happen rather than just tell you what result you should  want. For example, are you A student A parent or single parent In a profession which has special licensing rules in a job that has odd or long working hours Currently living in another County or State If so, your case needs special attention to reach the correct outcome for YOU.  A full time student might need a very different outcome than a single parent.


When you are charged with a Pittsburgh DUI there are Common Problems which can cause you to have a result that you are not happy with 1. You could receive a sentence which requires you to spend time in jail. 2. You could receive a longer than necessary term of Probation. 3. You could receive a longer than necessary Driver’s License suspension. 4. You could plead guilty to, or be found guilty of, charges that could have been beaten or dismissed. 5. You could pay far more in fines than you have to. Pittsburgh DUI Defense Attorney George Heym spent nearly a decade as a prosecutor in Allegheny County and has spent the last 9 years defending only DUI cases. He has close to 100 Jury Trials and approximately 500 Non-Jury Trials under his belt. Therefore, he has vast experience with all of the issues that can arise in defending a DUI case and has no fear of going to trial if that is what is necessary. He will use his knowledge of not only DUI Law but also of the Criminal Justice System to ensure that none of these things happen to you!
Some of the most important questions that you may have are 1. What will Legal representation cost me? 2. When do I have to pay my Legal Fees? 3. Can I set up some kind of payment plan? There are attorneys that bill their clients by the hour for DUI representation. The problem with this system - for you - is that you have no idea what representation will end up costing you. If a Police Officer is late to Court you are paying your Attorney additional money to sit and wait. How can you plan for the future without knowing how much money you need to set aside for your DUI case? This is why Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer George Heym works on a fee per case basis - that means that you pay a flat fee for legal representation in your DUI case. Thus, you know before hiring Attorney Heym how much you will have to pay in total. This payment system helps remove some of the stress associated with your Pittsburgh DUI charges. After your Free DUI Consultation Attorney Heym will tell you the exact flat fee for representation in your particular DUI case. Of course, Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer Heym is always willing to work with you to set up a payment plan that is acceptable to you.
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Were you stopped for a DUI?
Are you wondering whether you will have to go to jail? Are you wondering whether you will lose your License? Are you wondering what happens next? Are you wondering whether your arrest will be made public? Do you want answers to all of the above questions and more? Contact us now for your Free DUI Consultation. Pittsburgh DUI Defense Attorney Heym will explain: Pennsylvania DUI Law; What you are facing; What your options are; The DUI Criminal Justice System from beginning to end; The answers to any other questions that you have.
Don’t leave these questions unanswered or let your DUI charge affect the rest of your life. Let us Fight for You!
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Common Problems faced by those charged with Pittsburgh DUI 

Every DUI client has individual needs

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DUI Legal Representation Fees

A Driving Under the Influence charge does not have to result in a conviction.

There are many legal issues which can be raised in your defense by an experienced Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer in order to beat DUI charges. (See the Top Ten Ways to Beat a Pittsburgh DUI Charge) Every DUI case is unique and must be evaluated on its own facts by an experienced Pittsburgh DUI Attorney. George A. Heym is a Former Pittsburgh DUI Prosecutor with the training and experience necessary to properly evaluate your Driving Under the Influence case and fight on your behalf.

Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer George Heym's Personal Guarantee

  When you are represented by me in a DUI case you can always count on the fact that I will treat you with kindness, courtesy and respect. I will take the time to be sure that you always completely understand ALL of the legal options available to you. I will bring all of my Pittsburgh DUI experience and training to bear on your case and use them to fight on your behalf. I know that the fear and stress of being charged with a DUI weigh on a person's mind at all times and not only during business hours. Thus, I will make myself available to you for questions or concerns about your DUI case 24 hours a day seven days a week and not just from 9 to 5.
If, at the time of your Driving Under the Influence stop, you were released (rather than being booked into the county jail) you will receive a "DUI summons" in the mail. This summons will generally contain three items: A copy of the criminal complaint which has been filed against you. This will contain a list of the charges filed and a factual summary of what the Police      Officer alleges happened - this is called an an "Affidavit of Probable Cause";  A Preliminary Hearing Notice - this will tell you when and where your Preliminary Hearing will take place;  A Fingerprint Order - this will order you to appear a to be fingerprinted for these charges (some Magistrates may give this to you at the Preliminary Hearing instead of sending it in advance). Here is some more information about what happens next in the the DUI Criminal Justice  process.


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