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If you need an experienced Pittsburgh DUI lawyer, look no further. Your choice of attorney is an important one. While many lawyers handle DUIs as one of many practice areas, the Law Office of Natalie Snyder focuses exclusively on DUI defense in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. When your future can be deeply affected by a DUI case, you shouldn’t settle. You should contact our firm to fight for your rights and protect your tomorrow.

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DUI Lawyer in Pittsburgh

When charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania, you need a Pittsburgh DUI lawyer who will act swiftly on your behalf to make those charges go away. The best chance at accomplishing a swift dismissal of a DUI case is to investigate the case and challenge the evidence. Natalie Snyder has significant knowledge of how a case is developed and how best to discredit a DUI charge, including questioning the reason for the stop, how the stop was conducted and what scientific evidence was collected to validate the DUI. Learn more by clicking below.

Challenge DUI Evidence

Team up with a Former DUI prosecutor

When picking your attorney, harnessing the skill of a
former prosecutor can make all the difference.

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    As a former DUI prosecutor, George Heym has a complete understanding of both sides of a case, including how charges are determined, evidence is collected, and cases are built.

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    As a former DUI prosecutor, George Heym has the litigation experience most do not. This helps you project a stronger side, as you are not ready to settle at first chance.

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    Having established relationships throughout the local court system, George Heym understands the nuances of local courts, their culture, and personalities.

The Natalie Snyder Guarantee

“When you are represented by me in a DUI case, you can always count on the fact that I will treat you with kindness, courtesy, and respect. I will take the time to be sure that you always completely understand ALL of the legal options available to you. I will bring all of my Pittsburgh DUI experience and training to bear on your case and use them to fight on your behalf. I know that the fear and stress of being charged with a DUI weigh on a person's mind at all times, and not only during business hours. Thus, I will make myself available to you for questions or concerns about your DUI case 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and not just from 9 to 5.”

~ Natalie

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Individual needs deserve individual attention

Some DUI attorneys will just tell their clients what to do without regard to the client's actual needs. The Law Office of George Heym does not practice this way. Not all cases fit into a mold. Each case is unique and deserves special attention. Whether you are a student, parent, in a profession with special licensing rules, work a job with odd or long hours, or whether you live in another county or state, your case may be quite different.

During your free DUI consultation, we will assess your case, educate you on your matter, determine your goals, and help bring them to fruition. We will work closely with you and ensure you are heard while we zealously represent you through every step of the process.

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“DUI case June 28, 2011- I extremely recommend hiring George Heym. He was entirely honest and great at spending thorough time on the phone. He gave me his personal cell phone so that any time, day or night if I was nervous or had a question about something, he would be able to answer it. Before I eve...”


“The Pennsylvania DUI legal process is much more complicated and confusing than I would expect. George made this process easy to navigate and helped to make things as straightforward as they could be for me. I was trying to deal with the legal process of getting a DUI in Pennsylvania after moving out...”