What Are the Penalties for a First-offense DUI in Pennsylvania?

If you have recently received a first-offense DUI in Pennsylvania, continue reading to learn the potential penalties you may face in Pennsylvania. Reach out to our experienced DUI attorney today to learn how we can fight for your rights in court. Our legal team will explore all avenues of defense…
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What does Birchfield v. North Dakota mean for Pittsburgh DUI cases?

I have received many calls over the past several months asking how the United States Supreme Court decision in Birchfield v. North Dakota 579 US __(2016) affects Pittsburgh DUI cases. Let me preface this discussion by stating that Birchfield does not apply to breath test requests by police because the…
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Marijuana Related DUI Laws in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I am often asked questions regarding Pittsburgh DUI Law after ingesting Marijuana. Clients will ask me “I can’t be charged with DUI because I ingested Marijuana several weeks ago, right?” Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case, and this area of Pittsburgh, PA DUI Law can be very confusing. Thus,…
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“DUI case June 28, 2011- I extremely recommend hiring George Heym. He was entirely honest and great at spending thorough time on the phone. He gave me his personal cell phone so that any time, day or night if I was nervous or had a question about something, he would be able to answer it. Before I eve...”


“The Pennsylvania DUI legal process is much more complicated and confusing than I would expect. George made this process easy to navigate and helped to make things as straightforward as they could be for me. I was trying to deal with the legal process of getting a DUI in Pennsylvania after moving out...”