What Are the Laws Against Carrying Alcohol in a Vehicle in Pennsylvania?

It is now officially summer and with the Fourth of July just around the corner, many people will be celebrating the warmer weather with backyard barbecues, road trips and alcoholic beverages. However, if you and your passengers plan on hitting the liquor store on your way to your next party, you should be aware that you will be bound by certain restrictions dictated by state statutes. If you would like more information on the laws against carrying alcohol in a car in Pennsylvania, please read on, then contact an experienced Pittsburgh first DUI lawyer today.

Does Pennsylvania have laws against carrying alcohol in your car?

Practically every state in the union has an open container law of one sort or another and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is no exception. In the Keystone State, open container laws apply to both drivers and passengers of motor vehicles and the laws provide that neither a driver nor a passenger can have an open alcoholic beverage in a vehicle. You should also note that this is true regardless of whether the vehicle is stopped or in motion.

What constitutes an open container violation in Pennsylvania?

In most cases, an open container is defined as one that either has a broken seal, had some contents removed, or has been previously opened. That said, you should note that you can lawfully store an open container of alcohol by resealing it and placing it in the trunk of your vehicle.

What are the penalties for illegally carrying alcohol in your car in Pennsylvania?

If you are caught violating the open container law, you will likely face up to 90 days of incarceration and a potential $500 fine. You may also lose your license periodically. Don’t face these charges on your own. Always hire a competent lawyer who can help defend you at every turn.

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