What is the Difference Between Going to Trial and a Plea Deal in PA?

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Please read on, then contact an experienced Allegheny County DUI lawyer to learn what the differences are between a trial and a plea deal in PA.

How does going to trial differ from a plea deal in PA?

By going to trial, you are asking a judge or jury to render a verdict. A verdict is a judgment or decision in a court proceeding. A judge or jury issues a verdict after a trial. A plea deal is a voluntary and binding resolution or agreement between the prosecution and defense. Plea bargaining usually involves the defendant’s pleading guilty to a lesser charge, or to only one of several charges. It may also involve a guilty plea as charged, with the prosecution recommending leniency in sentencing. The judge, however, is not bound to follow the prosecution’s recommendation. Both have results that are legally binding and both will likely require the involvement of highly competent lawyers. Indeed, many times a verdict comes about after a failure to reach a plea bargain in one of the pre-trial stages, but this is not always the case.

Is going to trial better than negotiating a plea deal in PA?

Again, that will depend on the specific conditions in your DUI case. Nonetheless, a strong DUI defense has the potential to end in a lesser sentence or even an acquittal. While an unsympathetic prosecutor might argue for your guilt and the harshest possible sentence, a judge or jury might be swayed by the arguments from your defense counsel and issue you a more favorable verdict. On the other hand, a plea deal could help resolve your case faster and for lesser penalties, as opposed to waiting months if you go before the court. This way, you avoid having the extra expenses due up to the final day in court and being entirely at the mercy of a judge if you are convicted.

Both legal options have their advantages and disadvantages, so we would strongly advise you to reach out to George A. Heym, Esq. before making any major decisions.

How can George A. Heym, Esq. help you?

Whether you decide to go to trial or to negotiate a plea deal, George A. Heym, Esq. will do everything in his power to mitigate or outright eliminate an unfavorable outcome. As it turns out, the prosecution’s case might not be as compelling as they claim. In fact, their case may be based on faulty witness statements and/or observations as well as malfunctioning testing equipment. Both options require an aggressive DUI defense attorney, so please do not hesitate to call us today.

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