Why Might a DUI Breath Test Be Wrong in Pennsylvania?

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Throughout the year and especially during the holidays, law enforcement officers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania make concerted efforts to catch suspected drunk drivers. Unbeknownst to many people, including Pennsylvania law enforcement, is that many DUI arrests are invalid because they relied on faulty breathalyzer tests that produced inaccurate results. In fact, some drivers charged with DUI may not have had an illegal amount of alcohol in their blood. For more information on why a DUI breath test may be wrong in Pennsylvania, please keep reading, then contact a lawyer experienced in challenging DUI evidence in Pittsburgh. Some reasons why a DUI breath test may be wrong include:

Health factors

Some common diseases or medical conditions that may skew the results of a breathalyzer test can include GERD, periodontal disease, and diabetes. You should also note that certain behaviors, such as burping, can skew the results of a breathalyzer test to show you’re more intoxicated than you really are. Even alcohol trapped by dentures can alter the true result of a breathalyzer test. 


Many mouthwashes contain ethanol, which can cause a breathalyzer test to register a false positive.

Having warm breath

Often, warm breath is indicative of a higher blood alcohol content, but this doesn’t always have to be a result of drinking excessive alcohol. Something as simple as exercising can raise the temperature of your breath, and thereby alter the results of a breathalyzer test.

Malfunctioning breathalyzers

Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon for breathalyzers themselves to malfunction and produce false positives. Of course, any result found by a malfunctioning breathalyzer should be considered inadmissible in court.

Untrained officers

If the arresting officer improperly administered a breathalyzer test, it can easily result in a false positive.

Many other things may contribute to an incorrect breath test, so speak with a skilled Allegheny County DUI lawyer to learn more and plan your defense.

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