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Pennsylvania courts take incidents of drunk/intoxicated drivers very seriously. If you have received a DUI, it is highly recommended that you retain an experienced Monroeville DUI lawyer. Attorney George Heym has over 20 years of experience in the field and is prepared to fight for you and your future. Contact the Law Offices of former prosecutor George Heym to speak with our legal team and learn how we can best assist you.

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Unfortunately, one night’s mistakes can negatively impact your future for years to come. Our committed legal defense team is ready to fight for all of those accused of a DUI in Pennsylvania, including you too.

Our DUI Services

The Law Offices of George Heym handles that gamut of DUI charges here in Pennsylvania, including the following:

Our legal team also has significant experience challenging DUI evidence and is prepared to walk you through every step of the DUI court process ahead. We are also well-versed in handling several other criminal defense matters. Check out our Pittsburgh DUI Guide to learn more about DUIs in Pennsylvania and how our legal team can best serve you.

Potential Penalties of a DUI in Pennsylvania

There are various consequences that you may be charged with for a DUI in the state of Pennsylvania. First, and arguably the most common, is that you will receive a driver’s license suspension, which will prohibit you from using your vehicle to get from place to place. Furthermore, you can expect jail time, high fines, potential court-ordered treatment, community service, and more. If you are a commercial vehicle driver and received a DUI while on the job, there is a very good chance that your job and future employment may be in jeopardy as well. Our Monroeville DUI lawyer has advocated on behalf of our clients for over 20 years, and he is more than prepared to help you as well.

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The Law Offices of former prosecutor George Heym understand just how damaging a DUI can be to one’s future. The outcomes of a DUI can be powerful enough to ruin a reputation, career, and a person’s overall independence. If you’ve newly been charged with a DUI, it is strongly recommended that you hire an experienced legal team. Contact our firm today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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“DUI case June 28, 2011- I extremely recommend hiring George Heym. He was entirely honest and great at spending thorough time on the phone. He gave me his personal cell phone so that any time, day or night if I was nervous or had a question about something, he would be able to answer it. Before I eve...”


“The Pennsylvania DUI legal process is much more complicated and confusing than I would expect. George made this process easy to navigate and helped to make things as straightforward as they could be for me. I was trying to deal with the legal process of getting a DUI in Pennsylvania after moving out...”