Client Testimonials

George has helped me years ago and he is helping my daughter now. George was the first person I thought of. Compassionate, empathetic, and KNOWLEDGEABLE. He stands by without judgment and works hard for the best outcome! Georgia values his clients and their time and concerns!!! 5+ STARS

- Kim Smozski

George is absolutely awesome. He helped me so much through my DUI and now he is handling my mom’s case. George always answers and returns calls and goes more than the extra mile for his clients. I highly recommend Mr. Heym over any other DUI attorney. He is a man of his word and always does more than he should. He is a straight shooter and will never lie about the outcome. 5 stars. Best attorney in the Burgh

- Cory Urban

I caused an accident while drinking, hurting another person in another vehicle in the crash. I was in the hospital for a week, so I wasn't arrested.. instead, I got a summons about 9 months later. I was charged with a felony: Aggravated Assault with a Vehicle while DUI.. so I knew a lawyer was needed. George was my first and last call. He took the time to go over the whole incident in the consultation, 120 min. Free was part of the reason I chose him. He didn't blow any smoke at any time, being always up-front and honest with me. He also has numerous contacts within the system around Pittsburgh and even into surrounding areas. It was always comfortable sitting with or talking to him in person throughout the process. It took about 4 appearances in 4 months to get through my mountain of a mistake, but in the end, my felony was dropped to a much lesser and more deserved charge. I basically ended up with just probation, a fine and court costs, and a weekend in the DUI Hotel (which is also $500, but better than spending 72 hrs in jail). All told, George Heym is the only lawyer you'll ever need for all things DUI. Hopefully, I won't need his services again, but if trouble does happen, I certainly wouldn't hesitate to hire him again immediately.

- Kevin Langley

Highly recommend. Laid out everything that could happen in my first DUI offense and didn't make any promises, completely honest. Got me the best possible result, and it would have been very difficult (more likely impossible) to do on my own. Also helped make the process much simpler which is very important to somebody who works full time.

- Dan R

Great lawyer. Told me exactly what to expect and what could happen. In the end, everything worked out in the best way possible.

- Brian Wissel

As a former client with tricky out-of-state issues, George Heym efficiently and professionally handled my Pennsylvania case in a manner that allowed me to have greater peace of mind during an admittedly difficult phase of my life. He clearly and succinctly explained every step of the legal process and advised me how to conclude my case with the least amount of turmoil. He is personable and receptive to questions at any time, and I don't think it hurt at all that he has extensive prior experience as a DUI prosecutor. The first attorney I considered hiring did not even get the nuances of the law correct - a bad sign. All those worries went away and were handled correctly by George Heym, which is why I recommend him.

- Harold Lee

I would absolutely recommend George to anyone in need of a knowledgeable, conscientious, and understanding DUI lawyer. From our initial phone conversation, I felt confident that George would take care of the difficult situation we were dealing with. He gave us great advice throughout each stage of the ARD process. Furthermore, he relieved me of a lot of stress as he was always a phone call away to answer any questions I might have. Although hopeful that we do not need George as a DUI lawyer again, I will call George for any legal matters that might arise.

- Anonymous

I highly recommend anyone to hire Mr. Heym. George was the most professional attorney I've ever had. In short, I got 6 months probation on a 5th DUI charge. You can't get better than that.

- Joshua Binks

First-time DUI offender. Mr. Heym was very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained my options for my DUI. I would recommend him if you are looking for a lawyer for a DUI.

- Mike

George was exactly as I had hoped and expected he would be. Knowing that he has been doing this for many years and that he was a prosecutor before, I expected him to be professional, diligent, and able to calm my worries about my first (and last) DUI. The first time I sat down with George he let me know the entire process and any details. He also made sure to not overload me with too much information either. He told me what I needed to know to get myself up and going and saved me an issue right off the bat as I had overlooked an important piece of paper to get my fingerprints done that night! By the end of my first meeting, I had a much greater understanding of time frames, fines, possibilities, and just in general a greater knowledge of how the system works. After hiring Mr. Heym as my lawyer, he kept me very informed every step of the way. At the end of each hearing, I was given exactly what I needed to do on that date. All I had to do was show up where he said and everything ran through smoothly. He did a lot of footwork to move the process along and make it the least stressful it could be. In my very first court appearance I was nervous and got lost, was running slightly late, and didn't know what to expect from him. I only had to wait in line 5 minutes before George met me with my documents in hand (what he had prepared before I arrived) and took me to the first room the was open. I was out within half an hour when I had expected to be there two hours waiting. My other court dates went just as smoothly, and George answered any questions I had in between. I am currently over my court dates, and not needing Heym's assistance anymore but I would recommend him to anyone needing a good lawyer for any DUI case.

- Rachael

The Pennsylvania DUI legal process is much more complicated and confusing than I would expect. George made this process easy to navigate and helped to make things as straightforward as they could be for me. I was trying to deal with the legal process of getting a DUI in Pennsylvania after moving out of state, which would have been a nightmare to do on my own. George Heym went out of his way to get everything I needed to get done scheduled for one visit back to Pittsburgh and made things easy to understand and carry out. He kept me informed and made sure I understood exactly what was going on, the charges and penalties I was facing, and the best way to go through the process. Had I attempted to do this on my own it would have been a much longer and complicated process. I was expecting to face a 1-year driver’s license suspension with some jail time, which ended up being a 60-day suspension and some classes I can take on my own schedule. I would not have even been aware of the programs available or the options for DUI offenders if it were not for George's experience and expertise in this field. I highly recommend George Heym and am very happy with my experience retaining him as legal counsel.

- Matt

I hired Mr. Heym after a second DUI offense in a 9 year period. Mr. Heym spent an hour and a half on the phone with me well after business hours before I had even retained him. He was very thorough on our expectations and delivered everything he said he would. Mr. Heym's experience working as a prosecutor previously makes his resources, knowledge, and expectations of the process an extremely valuable resource. Mr. Heym responded to every email, text, and phone call, and was present at every appearance on time. The end result of my case ended up being exactly what Mr. Heym set my expectation to be. He never over-promised a miracle. However, he was very courteous throughout the process to create peace of mind that our outcome would be as favorable as possible. If you find yourself in a DUI situation, please don't look any further than Mr. Heym. He is the premier DUI attorney in Western PA.

- Anonymous

George helped me through a very difficult and stressful 2nd DUI Offense (DUI last offense as I'm going to call it). He knows the law inside and out, explains it to you, and really stands by you in court. While sometimes communication can be a bit prolonged, I found out that there's a reason behind this. In fact, George handles things in a way to keep you from getting yourself in an even bigger tizzy over your offense, because he knows certain things can spin you even further into a senseless pit of too much worry. I found most of the worry I was dealing with was self-created, and in the end, I see the method to the way he delivers the details. I won't lie, in a few instances I doubted George, but he came through in every single court appearance with professional conduct, punctuality, information, and great work. He's also a very kind person. I'd gladly recommend George to anyone I know. Once again, stick with him, he does everything for a reason.

- Anonymous

DUI case June 28, 2011- I extremely recommend hiring George Heym. He was entirely honest and great at spending thorough time on the phone. He gave me his personal cell phone so that any time, day or night if I was nervous or had a question about something, he would be able to answer it. Before I even hired him as my lawyer he stayed on the phone with me for about an hour and a half explaining everything in detail. He never made promises he couldn't keep and in the end, I was extremely shocked at the results. They were definitely not what I expected because I thought I was going to get a lot worse punishment. Mr. Heym told me the possible worst situation and told me to not expect anything being that sometimes the law cannot be flexible. He told me what he could do to help me and what I should do. He was completely honest but made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire experience. He made appearances for me in court even last minute if I couldn't make it due to traveling issues. I certainly recommend him to anybody being that he knew his way around the system and I personally came out with the best results possible for this DUI case. I have never been more happy or satisfied with a lawyer.

- Anonymous

Mr. Heym was very helpful throughout the entire process. He was very reassuring and informative of exactly what would happen and what I could do to take care of the case. I am very glad to have had his advice and direction through this case.

- Anonymous

I was about to move to another state for a job when I was charged with DUI. Mr. Heym was able to work around my move and the fact that I was now living far away. He made arrangements to handle several court appearances together and scheduled all of my interviews etc for me. I was able to have my case taken care of with only one trip back to Pittsburgh. When I was charged with a DUI, I thought my future was over - but Mr. Heym carefully explained all of my options and made sure that I didn't spend a day in jail - Plus, I didn't even lose my license. Most importantly, Mr. Heym was willing to explain every small detail of the law and the criminal system in Pittsburgh. He didn't mind if I called him at night to ask questions and was always there when I was confused or stressed about my case. I would completely recommend Mr. Heym to anyone who has been charged with a DUI. Oh, one other thing is that when I was in the courthouse with Mr. Heym - everyone seemed to know and like him. I mean everyone, lawyers, DA's, police, and even random people in the hallways. It made me feel good knowing that my lawyer was so respected there.

- Anonymous

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Client Testimonials

“DUI case June 28, 2011- I extremely recommend hiring George Heym. He was entirely honest and great at spending thorough time on the phone. He gave me his personal cell phone so that any time, day or night if I was nervous or had a question about something, he would be able to answer it. Before I eve...”


“The Pennsylvania DUI legal process is much more complicated and confusing than I would expect. George made this process easy to navigate and helped to make things as straightforward as they could be for me. I was trying to deal with the legal process of getting a DUI in Pennsylvania after moving out...”